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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 21:49:30 EDT
From: Hollmike <Hollmike-at-aol-dot-com>
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Subject: Re: Primary types (fwd)

You wrote:

>Can any body on the list give me some advice on building a cone shaped
>primary coil.I will be usuing 3/16 copper pipe for the coil and 3/8
>copper pipe as a strike rail.I need to know number of turns,space
>between turns,space between first turn and the secondary,angle of the
>coil and what you guys use as supports etc.... 

>The secondary is 4.37" by 13.7" with 520 turns of wire.The wire is .64mm
>The secondary has a frequency of 267kHz.
>The power supply is 10Kv at 50mA.

   According to one program, your cap should be .013uF for impedance matching
the tranny.  I have an old coil that has very nearly the same configuration on
the secondary as yours.  I used a 12kV, 30ma neon for this and a cap that was
about .008uF(a little bigger than the impedance match).  It tuned right at 6
primary turns.  You might figure, knowing this, that yours would tune at 3 -4
turns.  Always build the primary with more than enough turns, as it is much
easier to remove them than add them.
 I hope this helps somewhat.
Mike Hollingsworth