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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 05:21:10 PDT
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Subject: Re: Neon sign xfmr

 John Heck wrote:
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Subject: Primary Transformer Question

Here's a real newbie question for someone. I set out to Mendelsons
Surplus to look for a neon sign transformer, being informed by a
friend who works there that they had some around, and what I found
was a huge transformer that looks like it could light broadway. 
What I had in mind was a small one like what one would find on a
bar window beer sign, etc. The books/plans I read just call for
a neon sign transformer, and don't seem to make mention of size.
What's going on here? What size ttranny do I need for a, say, 250 KV
coil project? Thanks very much.
John Heck, KC8ETS
1009 Donson Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45429

John -
 Typically Mendelson's wants $100 for a 12KV 30 ma transformer.  This is 
about 3x the going rate.  I asume you are talking about those huge old 
"Toddlers", "Menswear" displays, etc.

(Unless Ed A. is giving you a deal of course...)

Contact me privately - we know where to get these things all day long 
for about $20/each at a sign shop in N. Ky.

One or two 12Kv 30ma units would be fine for a first coil!

-Bill D. Arcstarter (Bill Pollack)

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