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Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 18:27:02 -0600
From: "Patrick J. Gustafson" <gustafpj-at-uwec.edu>
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For tuning the coil, I did put a tack on the toroid, and I was still getting
secondary streamers shooting for my garage door.  I would like to build a
larger toroid, or just stack them for that matter, but this a coil that I built
for the physics department here at the university and I probably won't see it
much longer (I'm moving on the 30th of May to Madison).  My first coil and I
already have to leave it (sigh).  I did also have the 1K resistors coming off
of the NST's like you mentioned, but they were only rated to about 5W (I know
they should be around 30W but I had to give them a try), needless to say, they
got smoked.  I can't tell any difference without them.  Thanks for the bypass
cap info, never knew about that.  You are correct about my secondary being as
low as I can get, I'm not getting an racing sparks at all.  Is there anywhere
that I can post pictures of my coil?

Thanks to Jeff Corr for his excellent advice in getting my coil running.

Patrick Gustafson,
Leaving his First coil behind, in Eau Claire Wisconsin

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> From: Gary Lau  19-May-1998 0811 <lau-at-hdecad.ENET.dec-dot-com>
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> Damn good for a first try!  My thoughts:
> Each time your main gap fires, your safety (bypass) discharges it's
> charge and this energy dissipates in non-productive (and possibly
> destructive) ways.  If your main cap is .01 uF and your safety cap is
> .001 uF, this means that .001/(.001+.01) * 100% = 9.1% of your
> transformer's power is going to no-good.  You might want to use a
> smaller value bypass cap.  You also must use series damping resistors
> (1K or so) when using chokes to dissipate all that power.  Even so, use
> of chokes is controversial.
> I started out with a flat primary with my 4" secondary, and the single
> greatest improvement I made was converting to a 15 degree conical (also
> with a 15Kv/60mA NST).  I'll bet your secondary is as low as you can get
> it and you still don't see any racing sparks to indicate overcoupling.
> Re. your gap, if there is a single gap segment that is .225", I think
> this be the weak point that affects quenching.  The total gap length
> seems right but it shouldn't be lumped like that.  Build another RQ gap
> in series.  You do have a fan on it, right?
> Re. your toroid, if you put a nail on it and you still get multiple
> streamers, you might try going to a 6" cross section X 24" (and re-tuning).
> While I think the multiple streamers look nicer, when trying to measure
> your longest arc as a goal, a single streamer is necessary.
> Let me know how your 6" secondary works out.  Using #28 may be kinda
> small though, and the inductance with that many turns may be too high for
> your primary to tune.  I'm still using the 4.25"x23", #22, w/ 42" sparks.
> Regards and congrats,
> Gary Lau
> Waltham, MA USA
> >Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 22:26:13 -0600
> >From: "Patrick J. Gustafson" <gustafpj-at-uwec.edu>
> >To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> >Subject: Another First Light!
> >
> >Hello All:
> >
> >With schoolwork, and finals week here I haven't much time to work on my
> >first coil, but I did nonetheless complete it and give it some initial
> >runs. The specs are as follows:
> >
> >primary - flat pancake with .25" copper tubing (15 turns)
> >power supply - (2) 15kV 30mA NST's paralleled
> >chokes - 100 mH on each leg of the NST's
> >spark gap - RQ type (6 section (.1" combined) plus adjustable brass
> >gap(.225")) set at .325
> >capacitor - .0125 micro farad rolled polyethylene (.062"), filled with
> >transformer oil
> >safety cap - .001 micro farad, filled with transformer oil
> >safety gaps across the NST's and main cap
> >twin variacs rated at 17 Amps
> >toroid - 4" cross section x 25" diameter
> >grounding - 8' x 1/2" dia copper ground rod
> >secondary - see below
> >
> >I had a two layer 6"dia x 22" length secondary wound with #28 magnet
> >wire, but I had a problem with the inner winding being shorted out
> >somehow, so I replaced it with an alternate secondary that I had wound
> >(4"dia x 20" with #22 magnet wire).  The tuning took quite awhile,
> >beginning with zero spark length, and now properly tuned I'm pulling
> >around the 30-35" mark (loud as %&*-at-)  Not bad for my first coil eh?
> >And plus I'm using the lower inductance secondary.  Can't wait to
> >re-wire the 6" and see what I get.
> >
> >Patrick Gustafson, Ozone plentiful in Eau Claire, Wisconsin