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>I'm new to the list, and keep seeing references to an "RQ" spark gap and
>"saltwater bottle" capacitors. Could someone give me a brief description? I
>played with small Tesla coils using NSTs when I was a kid, and have some
>desire to build a larger one for nostalgia sake. My problem was always the
>capacitor, which I built from aluminum foil and window glass - they had a
>habit of puncturing. BTW, my cousin and a friend have built one somewhere in
>Seattle that produces 15 foot discharges, but I haven't had a chance to see
>it yet.

OK, a saltwater bottle cap is basically a leyden jar. Look that up in a
physics textbook or similar. An "RQ" type spark gap is described in the
attached zip file. If you need another format tell me. BTW, who in Seattle
are you refering to? I live there, may know them. Also, a guy up here had
some caps for sale, may still. I will talk to him.