anyone need this motor? (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 10:27:26 -0700
From: Bill Noble <william_b_noble-at-email.msn-dot-com>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: anyone need this motor?

I messed up yesterday buying a motor for a lathe, and I thought that the
motor might be of use to someone on the list.  If you want it, contact me
off the list.

Here is what I got:

1 HP, 208/220 or 440, 3 phase,  made by PO Smith, model P48L2C3B1R2
RPM - 2850/3450
amps - 3.1/1.55  3.6/1.8
SF  1.25

SF amp  3.6/1.8
temp rise  40/50 deg c
cont duty
code 1   SER G66
type P
FR 48

There is a wiring diagram included on the access panel for how to hook it

$6 plus shipping.   (it has a variable pulley attached too)