Data on Ignitrons, thyratrons, power valves etc. available (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 14:55:52 GMT
From: Mike Harrison <wwl-at-netcomuk.co.uk>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com, tesla-2-at-emachine-dot-com
Subject: Data on Ignitrons, thyratrons, power valves etc. available

I've just got hold of a load of data books covering industrial valves,
ignitrons, thyratrons (Hydrogen, mercury and inert gas), power valves
and other interesting stuff. 
List at  http://www-dot-netcomuk.co.uk/~wwl/data.html
If anyone needs data on specific devices I can scan them in - I'll be
putting some of the general notes & descriptions and pictures etc.
online sometime soon.

Has anyone got any hints, circuits etc for H2 thyratron controlled
coils? - I've found from the above books that one of the big valves in
my collection is a h2 thyratron (EEV FX2519A/5949a : 500A Ipk max,
25KV Vf max). Any ideas if it might give better results than a TCBOR
cylindrical gap on a 500W 7KV 4" coil?
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