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>Subject: Dayton ham and cheese fest
> Jeff Harvey (of tesla-2) and I survived day 1 of the Dayton Hamfest.  

Whew!  So, how is *your* sunburn?  I got fried!  :-)

>So - what'd I get so far?  Lots of stuff! - 6-plug outlet strips for $1, 
>12 and 120 V muffin fans for $1, 1200 volt 100 amp 3-phase bridge 
>rectifier modules for $5, and an HP 204C sig gen (demo'd as working) for 
>$50.  I probably paid too much for that - but HEY - it works and I 
>wanted it!  Didn't see any doorknob caps, ignitrons, or anything really 

I saw one gargantuine ignitron.  It was laying on the ground next to 
a great big capacitor (I think the same cap you mention in the next 
paragraph).  I didn't recognise it as an ignitron first, due to its 
enormous size.  It is a stainless steel cylindar 6-8 inches in diameter 
and about 2.5 feet long.  I picked it up to feel the Hg sloshing around 
in there - It weighs 20 - 30 pounds!  It makes the 7171 ignitrons that
I have seem like toys.  :-)

>Also saw some possible tesla/HV buys at the Nebraska Surplus place - 40 
>KVDC 0.04uf pulse caps for $119, HV knife switches, Jennings vacuum 
>contactors and vac caps, etc.  Someone else had a 100uf 10 Kv Maxwell 
>pulse cap for (!) $450...

Did things seem to be expensive to you?  Just about everything I looked
at seemed to be quite overpriced.  I managed to get a couple of goodies, 
though - a darkroom exposure meter for making enlargments, a induction coil
sparker used for testing neon tubes for leaks ($3 - the guy thought it 
was a high voltage probe), a cute little sun-tanning device, consisting 
of a bare, unshielded Hg vapor quartz arc lamp to produce the UV necessary
to give you a tan (Mercy!  Imagine the law suits if they sold something 
like that these days!  The directions that came with it said to avoid 
looking at the Hg lamp when it's on.  Hee hee hee hee...), aaaand a
ceramic envelope hydrogen thyratron, which I don't have the specs on.

The thyratron has the same base and roughly the same size (and shape)
as the 4C35, but it's a ceramic tube instead of glass.  Along with the
 part number "JAN - 8613" and the Radioacive symbol, it says "ITT 
Electron Tube Division,  Made in U.S.A"  Would anybody happen to 
have the specs for this tube, the pinout, etc?  I couldn't find them
at the funet.fi site.  Thanks for any help that anybody can give me!

It was a fun day of Ham Festing, but it was a HOT one!  Whew!  :-)

- KevinChristiansen-at-burnt.to.a.crisp.in.Dayton

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