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Subject: Re: Tesla Coil questions from a beginner (fwd)

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>Subject: Tesla Coil questions from a beginner
>I am new to the list and the hobby of building Tesla coils.  I was
>hardly aware this kind of hobby existed several months ago, but now am
>*very* interested.  :-)
>I have learned a lot by browsing web pages and by reading the postings
>in the last few weeks, but  I still have many questions.
>Basically, on my first coil, I want to get somewhere from 12-24 inch
>sparks, but can't  have more than 24 inch sparks due to safety concerns.
>I plan to use a section of dryer venting for the toroid, make the
>capacitors out of glass bottles,  and have the secondary somewhere
>around 24-30 inches tall.

Sounds Like a plan.

>-What are the advantages/ disadvantages of using 36 vs. 26 gauge wire
>for the secondary?
>I am assuming that with the 36 there would be more windings, and
>therefore a higher output voltage and longer sparks. Is this correct?
No, 36 could not handle the current. 24 or 26 gauge would be your best choice.

>Would a section of 4 inch diameter tubing be better than 2 inch diameter
>tubing for longer sparks?

>Generally, what output would I be looking for on a transformer?
>(6-15KV?, 30ma, 60ma+?)
Probably 12-15kv -at- 60ma

>How much improvement would a RQ spark gap show over a spark gap made of
>angle irons and bolts? Would this be overkill for a coil this size?

A small TCBOR (RQ) type SG will give you great prformance increases, and
allow you to run your coil longer.

>What kinds of wire would I use to supply the power to the primary?
>(maybe) Over a cement floor?
>Neon sign wire? Regular 12 gauge wire in electrical conduit?

Neon sign wire will most likely work best at this low current level.

>Will running this in a garage just below a computer and dozens of 3.5
>diskettes do nasty things to the circuitry and/or data stored?
>Will I have to build a Faraday cage?

Should be OK, just remember to turn off your computer.

>Essentially, what would give me the 12-24 inch sparks for the lowest
>Thanks for any questions you might answer.

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