Lab Components for Sale (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 07:27:19 -0400
From: Scott Myers <scotty-at-wesnet-dot-com>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Lab Components for Sale

Hello All,

Some of you may know me.  I was one of the long time members of this
list.  Due to time constraints (job, kids, wife, etc), I had removed
myself from the list and put coiling on the back burner.  Well, it
apears that coiling may have to be left to those with more time as my
career is taking more and more time these days, with no end in sight.
Some things just have to go, and I am afraid that coiling is pretty far
down my list.  I have wrestled with this for some time, but it has to be
that way for me.

But my loss could be your gain.  I have broken down my lab.  There are
several things left that those of you that are active in coiling may be
interested in.  They are as follows.

Dual  1256D Powerstat, with knob and plate.  $450
This is two large 1256D's on a common shaft.  This is easily good for 20
KVA in Tesla service, probably more.

Condenser Products 20,000 VAC, .025MFD Tesla coil pulse discharge
capacitors $300 for the pair
This is a matched pair that can be used for balanced circuits.  In
series, good for 40,000 VAC.  Model number is TC253-34-300-1.  These
have oversized lugs for additional Q

10KVA pole transformer with adjustable taps.  $175
This is a rebuilt unit from Solomon corporation.  It has 12" long
insulators on top.  Good for 14,400 VAC with 240 VAC input.  It is
capable of withstanding twice the voltage as it is a "Y" unit and (can
be series with another unit in standard municiple service) could be
overdriven to put out more voltage than its maximum of 14,400 VAC with a
240 VAC input.

(2) GE Potential Transformers (PT's), 1.5 KVA, 100:1 ratio   $100 each
Model number 765X31G13
These are large solid plastic potted transformers with 100:1 ratio.
With  120 VAC in, these can produce 12,000 VAC out.  Like a pole
transformer, these require ballast.

Large heavy duty control cabinet.   $50
This is a 46" tall x 27" wide x 24 inch deep cabinet with heavy duty
casters. (height doesn't include casters.  It has a sloped front from
about half way up to the top.  I intended on using this one as my
permanent cabinet, but never had the time to finish.  It will require
fabricating 2 panels for the front to hold the switchs and knobs.

I have many other various components, but these are the main large
peices that someone may be interested in.  If you are interested in any
of these items, e-mail me at scotty-at-wesnet-dot-com.  Do not post your
request to the list as I will not answer it.  Sorry, but I have no time
to sift through 50 e-mails for yours.  I will answer you quickly.  First
come, first serve.  Keep in mind that items such as the transformers are
large and heavy and would incur healthy shipping costs.  I live in
central western Ohio.  So, if you live within driving distance, you can
pick them up if you are interested.  Otherwise, the shipping can be
worked out.

Scott Myers