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> Hi Bill (Turbett),
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> > I was trying to ask about Xl and was
> > typing Xc. Restated, I was trying to find out what effect the additional
> > inductance of the current control devices (i.e. welder, variac, chokes etc.)
> > would have on the secondary's inductance. Upon further investigation, it
> > looks like there would be absolutely no affect on the Xl of the secondary
> > since these devices control the current before it reaches the primary.
> Wrong. Whatever choke you stick on one side of an ideal transformer
> appears on the other with its value modified by the turns ratio.

Just trying to understand this. I understand the tanks reactance is affected by added
inductance and therefore the resonant frequency changes, etc... , but are you saying
the secondary coil which has it's own reactance, would change due to an inductance
change on the input side of the tank?