cap calculations

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Sent:  Monday, May 11, 1998 4:24 PM
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Subject:  cap calculations

hi all
	Could someone check my figures for my cap as I have totally confused
myself! I am using a 9Kv 50 ma neon on 50 Hz. I make that 0.0177uF. I am
using 7 layers of 5 mil polypropylene to give 35 mil. My plate area is
5.25" x8" I make that 44 square inches. I reckon on 2 caps in series at
35400pF each. Voltage rating 350*35*2=24500volts. 0.224*2*44/0.035=563pF
per plate. I need 2 caps of 35400pF (17700pF*2=35400pF) so 35400/563= 63
plates in each cap. Does this sound right/ make sense. many thanks.

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