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Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 19:28:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Edward V. Phillips" <ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu>
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Subject: Re:  HV coax?

"Is the above resonance effect the "Blum Line" effect (which I've tried
to research but can't find anywhere...)??
Thanks for your assistance!

	There is no "Blum Line" effect!  The "Blumlein" circuit for
radar magnetron modulators was developed early in WW2 by British
engineer Alan Blumlein, who was later killed in the tragic crash
of a British bomber being used as an airborne radar test bed.  The
circuit charges two pulse networks in parallel and discharges them
in series to double the pulse voltage which can be obtained from
a single power supply;  the same principle can be applied to the
primary circuit of a TC, and I seem to remember discussions on
the scheme on this list. A typical circuit is shown in Figure 11-16,
page 465, of the MIT Radiation Laboratory Series, "Pulse Generators",m
edited by Glasoe and Lebacqz.