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> Elli,
>     I really liked what Mr. Wagner was doing with the kids, so in spite of his
> poorly worded Smithsonian story, I wrote him and said that I would purchase
> one of his t-shirts.  He responded by saying not to send money right away, or
> something to that effect, so I waited further response.  He later wrote me
> back a giving me a bunch of crap about not being good to my word(about sending
> the money).  I was very insulted by his attitude.  I went ahead and sent the
> money for the shirt anyway, but will never have another thing to do with that
> guy.
>      I think he needs to take a chill pill.
> Mike Hollingsworth


Is the the guy that e-mailed (months ago) a lengthy story of his
attempts to get a bust of Tesla into the Smithsonian? If so, I must
agree with you!

When I first read his story, I responded directly to him with a letter
praising him for his efforts, but indicating that I was not as
"intensely" concerned as he seemed to be. I received a terse response
suggesting, essentiallly, that I was  a moron for not spending my every
wakeing moment furthering his quest. That did NOT make my day!   

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