Pole pig HV wires (fwd)

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Never use coax to transmit power from a pole pig to a Tesla oscillator. 
It's capacitance is just right to resonate with the secondary of the xmfr
and will produce severe overvoltages on the order of 150 kV.  Best to use a
single conductor wire such as spark plug wire or coax can be used if the
outer ground braid is stripped away and not used at all.  Ground one of the
HV bushings and use one hot.  The ground connection to the oscillator can
be made with #6 or #10 AWG wire.  Be sure to use a separate 2 ought welding
cable as ground for the lower end of your secondary coil as the peak
currents can be as high as several RF amperes.  A fine stranded cable or
3-4 inch wide copper strap is necessary.


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> >When using coax (RG-8 or RG-213) should the shield be grounded at the
> >transformer end or both ends?    I would assume just the transformer end
> or
> >you'll have a ground loop.
> You're quite right. By grounding *both* ends you would make ground loop.
> Making those loops is almost never a good idea!
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