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> Try this idea.
> Put an 8" diameter aluminum foil pie pan on top of you TC secondary coil
> with no toroid.  I used a 4" secondary coil, 12K 30 ma neon.
> Put about 1/8th cup of alcohol in the aluminum pie pan.  Ignite the alcohol
> and it will burn blue in the dark with a flame about 5" above the pan.
> Turn on your TC.  The flame and heat conducts the electricity and you will
> get a 20" diameter ball of blue sparks that looks like a 20" ball of blue
> steel wool sparks.  Its very strange looking.  Looks like several million
> very tiny sparks running in all directions.  It all radiates up and out like
> a half sphere of blue tiny sparks. I don't know exactly how to explain what
* it looks like. You will just have to try it and see for your self.
	As an aside, I have often used my pole pig transformer (just
transformer no TC) for such light shows, but I find that whenever I arc
into anything that's buring which contains carbon. The carbon, instead
of burning up it the flame as it does before the power is applied, it
forms into tiny filaments which float in the air for ages, has anyone
else observed/explained this?

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