RF biological hazards? What happened to me.

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	I have taken a few 16 inch arcs and they hurt but they have no lasting
effects.  Yesterday I was running my tesla coil at about 100 w (60 Hz 0.01 uf
4,500 volts).  I was getting 4 inch sparks to a ground.  A coworker wanted me
to show the coil to some friends of his.  So I did.  Since the 16 inch arcs
weren't that bad I decided to show them that the secondary spark wouldn't kill
me.  Like I thought I couldn't feel it at this power.  After I ended up
showing 10 or so different people I called it a day.  When I showed them that
the sparks wouldn't hurt me I held a metal bolt up to the secondary in my
right hand.  Now the next day my right arm and my right side are really sore.
I also have some little blisters on my fingers from were I held the metal
bolt.  The coil was operating at 500 kHz.  By the way I also get stomach aches
when I am exposed to too much ozone. 
Man, by the time I am old I will have all kinds of chemical poisoning :)