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Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 01:58:54 -0700
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When running two 120 volt transformers in series on a 240 volt line,
connect the secondaries in PARALLEL. Pay attention to phasing! Remember,
NSTs have their secondary midpoint connected to the case (unless they
have been taken apart and modified) and should not be placed in series.
The difference in line frequency will cause the transformers, or any
other inductive load, to draw proportionally higher current when
operated on a 50Hz line.  The effect the line frequency will have on the
Tesla coil tuning will probably be negligible.  The TC tuning is
determined by the LC characteristics of the primary and the secondary of
the coil itself.  Hope this helps!

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> Subject: Xfmers-110 to 220
> In a few weeks I'll be making a trip to a country that uses 220v as the
> standard line voltage.......I have a large supply of 15kv NST with the
> primaries rated at 110v.I plan on bringing some friends a medium size
> TC........would I be able to use 2 -15kv NST and run the primaries in series
> using the 220v line voltage and of course hooking up the secondaries in series
> to the tank circuit of the TC? Any problems here?.........Also their A/C
> voltage is 50hz,but I don't think that will matter except a little different
> tuning from 60hz? I want to take every thing with me and won't have time to
> search for local 220v NST.
>  Thanks, Dan

Have a good day!
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