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Subject: Re: Capacitor safety check (fwd)

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> Subject: Capacitor safety check
> Hi all,
>         I'd be greatful if someone could advise me if my saftey spacing in the
> cap i'm designing are OK
>         The cap is a glass cased stacked plate type. It will be used to operate
> a conventional tesla coil with an 11Kv (RMS) primary. It constists of 2
> series caps, each useing 40mils of polythene (as 4x10mil layers) as the
> di-electric. the overlap I'm planning on useing is 1/2 inch in each of
> the 2 caps.
>         They will be either vacumed and back filled with oil, or capillery
> filled over a week (at least).
>                         TIA.
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I am planning something similar.  I have 40 mil poly, and will use one
layer in each of two caps in series (so the effective poly thickness is
0.080").  My trannies put out 5kv with no load, but since they are
designed to be used with a resonating capacitor (ferroresonant mode),
the output may go up to 10kv in the system - pretty close to the 11kv
you have.  You should be ok.

I used one layer of 93 mil poly with a 12kv neon, and it held fine.

	Steve Falco