Re: discrimination against Tesla by Smithsonian (fwd)

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Subject: Re: discrimination against Tesla by Smithsonian  (fwd)

Mike (all),
John is very passionate about Tesla not credited appropriately (or at all) by the
Smithsonian. The Smithsonian represents this country's historical past and is
right there in good ol Washington DC where millions of US and foriegn tourist
crowd through everyday to see US History. I was there last year and found nothing
on Nikola Tesla. I support John's efforts because he is making a difference (at
least in my eyes). I think Nikola Tesla has given this country and the world some
fabulous capabilities far beyond arcs and sparks. I have talked with the
Smithsonian and have received reply's on the subject. The Smithsonian openly
admits they are working (meaning they have not done it yet) to credit Nikola Tesla
for his contributions to this country and are working with the museum of Belgrad
on the matter (at least that's what they said).

As far John being "severly biased", probably and me too. As far as John being a
"conspiracy theory type", well, that sounds like the same kind of attitude people
had about Nikola Tesla in his day.


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> Actually,   I think that website is showing that Edison was credited with the
> Niagra Falls power station that Tesla worked on.  He says that there is a bust
> of Edison shown at the Niagra Falls power station exhibit.  Since Edison was
> fighting the use of AC power, this guy wants the record to be set straight.
> I think he might be a conspriacy theory type and may be severly biased on the
> subject.  Can anyone out there confirm his argument?
> Mike Hollingsworth