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Subject: Re: fiberglass secondary (fwd)

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> Subject: fiberglass secondary (fwd)
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> Subject: fiberglass secondary
> Can anyone tell me the loss factor for fiberglass cloth? I wish to
> use it to form a secondary out of. It will be composed of epoxy and
> fiberglass cloth.

Fiberglass cloth is, as one might imagine, made of glass. Use the loss
tangent for glass. You might figure out the ratio of glass to plastic and
calculate the overall loss tangent as a combination of that for glass and
that for epoxy.

What kind of glass? I would imagine it is fairly pure, (i.e. close to
silica), but perhaps a call to a manufacturer of the cloth would help
resolve the question.

Or, lay up a small piece and test it.

BTW, I can't imagine that the loss in the form would have all that much
effect on the overall coil performance. There are so many other loss
sources of much greater magnitude.