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I made a post about a month ago asking about a two layered coil and what
the advantages were. I was told that the resistance was the only thing
that would be affected.

Now, I have a new thought. Maybe someone has tried this and maybe not.
What if you wind your coil, then insulate it appropriatly. Then wind a
second winding over the top of that. Now you are left with four possible
combinations. First you could wire both bottom wires to ground and wire
both top wires to the topload. Which will lower resistance.
Second you could wire both bottom wires to ground and wire a seperate
topload to each of the top wires (have a lower terminal and an upper
terminal) What would be the outcome? Third you could have seperate
grounds of each of the bottom wires and connect both of the top wires to
the same topload. What would be the outcome? Four you could wire two
seperate grounds and wire two seperate toploads. What would be the
outcome? I personally haven't tried any of them. Could any one of these
combinations of wiring yeild more spark, less spark or what?

I haven't heard anything on any of these wiring combinations. So I
encourage anyone who reads this post to join in and see if I am on to
something or are these false hopes in gaining more pizazz from our

Also since I have not personally tried any of the combinations to see
their outcome, and plus if no one else has gave these a shot. I would
think that one should insulate their first winding fairly well just to
be safe. After all it is better to be safe than sorry. I know winding a
secondary isn't the funnest thing in the world, so it might be wise to
protect what you got. I plan on giving these a shot just to test the
output differences. I mean if nothing else I won't waste the secondary,
I will just wire it in parrallel and lower the resistance. That is only
if none of the combos work as hoped.

Hoping to put more spark in the sparks!