primary hold down's

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Use a slightly larger piece of plastic (wider) than you need.  Drill your
holes in it for the refrig tubing, and then cut the plastic down the
middle.  You now have a matching plastic "cap" that matches your original
piece.  You can use small 10-24 nylon plastic machine screws to attach your
"cap" over the notches in your plastic holder as the caps now also have the
same matching notches.  We use this technique with 3/8 wide delrin plate
stock to make primary holders when ever we have to hang a TC in the
inverted position.  You might have to increase your plate stock to 3/8 inch
thick as the 1/4 inch thick material might be difficult to drill and tap
without cracking the narrow plastic.


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> Hi, I'm working on the form for my 1/4" refigerator tubing primary. 
> I'm planning on using 1/4" polycarb for the support fins. I've got the 
> calculations made on where to notch the plasitc in order to create a 
> nice uniform  30degree slope and 15 degree rise with 1/4" spacing 
> between turns, but what I don't have is, what can i do for holding the 
> tubing into the notches? I don't want to just let it lay there, do I?  
> I'm not so sure that adehesive is a good idea, is it? How is holding the 
> tubing into the plastic commonly done?
> Thanks, Walt Kulpa