Two Toroid Test

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 Ed, I just returned from business in Toronto. I read your post among the 100+
 emails waiting for me. Cangratulations on your 92 inch spark length!!! That's
 fantastic!! So, in conslusion to your oringinal reason for performing this
 toroidal challenge, would you surmise that you are capable of acheiving a
 spark length with this setup vs. the single toroid setup of equal
 hmmm, this appears an easy way to boost C-top instead of building one huge
 enormous toroid. I wonder how this setup differs in a simple stack
 Have you tried a comparison study? Again, outstanding report!! Hope all those
 images turn out. Can't wait to see them.
 Tesla List wrote:

I would say that the two toroid set up definitely out performs the single
toroid.  With the 40" toroid alone, I had 72" plus sparks.  With two toroids I
had 92" sparks.  The primary tune point changed from 8.5" to 9.5".  More top
capacitance, lower frequency and longer sparks.  It all seems to work as we
would expect.

Unfortunately, the two rolls of film that I shot did not turn out too well.
My wife kept telling me it was not dark enough.  Early evening together with
wide aperture and slow shutter speeds makes it look like it wasn't even dark.
I do have 5 or 6 of the best pictures picked out and can mail them to you if
you want to see them.  I don't have a scanner so can't digitize them.  I got
double prints so these are spares.

Ed Sonderman