First Coil Up and Sparkin'

From:  djQuecke [SMTP:djQuecke-at-worldnet.att-dot-net]
Sent:  Thursday, June 25, 1998 3:33 AM
To:  Tesla List
Subject:  First Coil Up and Sparkin'

Many thanks to all on the list, especially Bert, Fr. Tom, Gary Weaver, Gary
Lau, RQ and to all those hosting web sites with Tesla Info.

I've been down the drain at work and unable to report.  My last post
described my coil and the fact it wasn't working.  Bert sent an explanation
of the tuning process and thats all it took.

Basics: 4.3" x 21.5" 22awg secondary, 15 turn 1/4" copper primary, spaced
1/4", 15kV 30ma NST, 2"x9" RQ static gap, .00527 cap, 20" foil and duct

I actually just did some minor tuning to find the primary sweet spot.  Found
it at 13.7 turns and it's only within perhaps 6" either side that I get a
discharge.  I've got 25" spark to a grounded target and feel there is a more
there if I were to get everything tuned.

I've got a second 15kV 30ma NST and am working on a new cap.  I figure I'll
finish that and then worry about fine tuning.

Q's: What type of wire should I use from cap to primary.  I'm currently
using 10g copper but if the wires get close to each I get corona (?) between
wires.  I have plenty of large 2g and 4g stranded wire that is more heavily
insulted but thought I had read that this stranded wire presented losses

NST Protection: Currently, I've bypassed my protection.  Chokes wound with
22awg on 3" x 4" cores scavenged from ancient flyback transformers.  I had
some arcing problems and I'm now sealing with 3M IVI spray sealer.  Has
anyone tried this product?  I originally had a 500ohm 65watt on each leg of
transformer and 1000pf of ceramic caps across NS, I received a tip I'm lucky
I didn't blow NST and should connect caps from NST to ground??  Both legs?
What size caps best?

Once again, thanks to all,