More lights and NO problems

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Subject:  More lights and NO problems

A few hours ago I got my TC tuned and reliably (?) working. Here is what I

1. I changed my strike rail: Outer diameter is now 15.8" and it is 2.3"
elevated on the primary (primary outer diameter is about  13.8". Anyway,
I didn't ground it (just to see how it goes) and I never got any spark
from secondary or top toroid to primary. Next I'll try grounding it.

2. I rised the secondary: now it is 1.5" higher than the primary (first turn
to first turn).

3. I repaired the damaged secondary by cleaning the shorted windings with the
aid of a microscope and painting the spots with epoxy varnish. Works fine.

4. I replaced the 1500W MOT "beast" (VERY heavy, not like a PIG but...) with
another 900W and replaced the broken diode. The lower current sourced can be
easily appreciated running the spark gap just on the tank (no primary or cap).
Sparks are more slim and don't "bang" so much.

I didn't rework (yet) the primary, nor rewind the secondary. Instead I followed
a strickt tuning procedure: first with half power and 1 gap, then full
power and 2 gaps, then increase coupling by lowering the secondary. I got
my TC tuned and running well in 30 minutes.

I have been able to run 30 sec. sessions for about 1 hour, getting blue
contoured red forked spikes from the toroid, about 28" long. No diode break,
no flashover, no heat in the caps and no damage to my stereos and computer.

It has been raining here two days almost no-stop and it just quit before I
run the TC, so the moisture level was very high. I hope today (a sunny day)
to get even longer sparks.

It seems like the MOT tank is now robust and reliable. I'll post later
more info on it and my results.

Thanks to everybody for your help: I really needed it.


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