Measurements using field probe

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I've been slowly going through the papers at your site. Terry, you are
doing some very valuable work in stripping away many of the mysteries
and misconceptions surrounding Tesla Coils. 

Could you please correct a "broken" pointer to one of the newer WORD97


The WORD files are much better for archiving (for later reference) since
they also contain the graphics information whereas the HTML's only
contain the pointers. The graphics info also seems to print better from
a Word file than directly from an on-line HTML. This is very useful for
when I'm on the road and "off net".

Unfortunately, my busy work schedule has kept me from doing very much
coiling recently (I'm suffering a bit of ozone withdrawal...), but I did
want to get back to you to personally thank you for the excellent work
you're doing. I may not agree with all of your conclusions, but the
experimental and theoretical work is excellent!! Way to go!

BTW, some earlier work I did using a crude light bulb in the current
path seemed to indicate that the current levels on ground strikes from
my 10" coil were well over 600 Amperes, and probably more like 1000
Amps. You indicated that you also had some information for longer ground
strikes - what have you found?

-- Bert --

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> Subject:  Measurements using field probe
> Hi All,
>         A new paper showing secondary voltages and currents during small
> secondary arcs is at my web page:
> http://www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/experiments/experiments.html
> The paper is:
> Measurements of Secondary Voltages and Currents of Tesla Coils
> Abstract:
> A new method of analyzing the voltage and current fields generated by Tesla
> coils allows the author to analyze the electrical fields generated by
> arcs. This paper presents the data obtained for small arcs to ground.
>         Terry Fritz