Magnifer & rotary problems

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> Aluminum rotors have always worked well for me, they're cheap, 
> good conductors.  Aluminum has a very high edge speed rating, 
> and is easy to machine and dynamically balance.  An aluminum 
> rotor also carries the waste heat away from the electrodes.
	Why, then, do most use lexan or some other non-conductive plastic 
for their rotors?  If metal is superior, and it doesn't compromise the 
quenching, why use plastic?  
		Ed, etc. do you have any answers to this?  I'm contemplating
making a rotary sometime in the future-- and I know of a place that will 
machine metal for me fairly cheaply.
	Also, could someone tell me what an optimum multi-gap system 
consists of?  I have two used 15 kv 60 ma NST's I picked up at a sign 
shop for free-- I'll probably only use one of them-- I intend to use a 
plate poly cap configuration-- any advice on what type of multi gap to use? 
I have considered wiring 8 or 10 platinum spark plugs together-- no corrosion
and easy maintainance at the cost of adjustability-
any advice?