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Members of this list might want to read the following papers on TC design
theory.  You can usually obtain them thru your local library which does an
inter-library search.  Tell them to go thru the physics dept library of a
large university if possible.

(1) 	A High Potential Tesla Coil Impulse Generator for Lecture
Demonstratio0ns and Science Exhibitions
	Skeldon, Grant, & Scott   American Journal of Physics, 65 (8), Aug 97.

(2)  	A Radio-Frequency High Voltage Generator
	D.H. Sloan    Physical Review, 47, 62-71, (1935).

(3)	A Tesla Transformer High-Voltage Generator
	C.R.J. Hoffman    Review of Scientific Instruments, 37, 159-162, (1966)

(4)	Q of Solenoidal Coils
	M.V. Callendar     Wireless Engineer, 24, 185, (1947)

(5)	(book)     Pulse Generators
	G.N. Glascoe & J.V. Leabacqz   McGraw-Hill, (1948)

(6)	H.F. Resistance and Self-Capacitance of Single-Layer Solenoids
	R.G. Medhurst      Wireless Engineer, 21, 80-92, (1947)

(7)	Simple Inductance Formulas for Radio Coils
	H.A. Wheeler     Proceedings of I.R.E., 16, 1398-1400, (1928)

(8)	The Tesla Coil
	J.B. Kelly & L. Dunbar, Sr.     American Journal of Physics, 20, 32-35,

(9)	Modern Resonance Transformer Design Parameters
	D.C. Cox     Tesla Book Company, Chula Vista, CA  (1986)   
	Also available thru International Tesla Society, POB 5636, Colorado
Springs, CO  80931

(10)	Tesla Coil Builder's Association (newsletter)     -- back issues
	Harry Goldman, 3 Amy Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804