Small tesla coil (1sq ft) findings

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> Subject:  small tesla coil (1sq ft) findings
> Hello all...   in order to have a tesla coil in my college
> dorm room next year :-)  I had to construct a special one.
> It is mounted on a 12"x12" plywood section, the secondary being only
> 12" tall.
> The reason I post this here is I find it interesting this coil can produce
> 12" long sparks, the length of the coil itself.
> Just thought that someone else might be interested in duplicating this
> coil as it is small enough to carry anywhere, and still performs very
> well.
> Here are the specs :
> power  level - 9kv, 30ma 270VA
> capactitor - .004uf , rated at around 12kv (physical dimensions 8" long, 3"
> in diameter)
> primary - helical, 10 turns of #20 solid copper, turns 1/8th inch apart.
> secondary 1.5"x12", #32 copper enambled.
> Spark gap, single gap, half an inch apart.
> No safety gap, no chokes, just neon, primary, secondary, gap, and cap.
> Jeff Corr
> 2114 Monitor
> Enid, OK 73703
> http://www.harvestcomm-dot-net/personal/corr/

Good design from all points.

small wire ......high inductance
small capacitance........allows for lots of firings per unit time and lower gap
lots of primary turns to tune to the lower freq of operation.
spark gap can be just a bout anything with such a system and get good results.

This was our groups classic success story back in 1989.  Learned by the doing.

Richard Hull, TCBOR