Big Secondary

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> Hi All,
>     It has been a while since I have signed on but I think I needed a
> break.  Now that I have made a 3 KW magnifier system and had great success
> with it I am going to move on to other things.
>     What I have in mind is a large coil, essentially modeled after what I
> know about Nemeses.  I propose a secondary that is on a polyethylene drum
> and is 24" dia. with a 30" winding length. The toroid will be 8x36" and the
> primary will be a flat spiral, a .08mf Maxwell cap and a 2400 rpm, 12 point
> rotory gap with Elconite stationary electrodes.
>     All of this may be under powered by my supply which is 10 Kv -at- 300 ma,
> but it is all the supply I can afford at the moment.  With the shipping
> cost of a 10 KVA pig and the ballast to go with it is just out of my reach
> at the moment.  I think even with 3 KVA I won't be disappointed with such a
> large coil and a small aspect ratio.
> Any comments are very much welcome,
> Dwight


That aspect ratio is better for a magnifier.  As a simple TC it is a bit
squat.  With a 24" diameter I would shoot for 50 or more inches in height.  I
would go 60"

Richard Hull, TCBOR  (creator of Nemesis)