Odd primary caps??

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Sent:  Monday, June 15, 1998 6:45 AM
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Subject:  Re: Odd primary caps??

It was written:

>> are metal-can, case ground, GE "Dielectrol" units, picked up for five 
>> at the power company surplus yard. The protection circuit is a pair 

>Nice catch! Power Factor Correction (PFC) caps that power 
>companies use are considerably more robust than most other caps 
>you'll encounter, since they have to withstand high amplitude 
>switching spikes, lightning transients, and tough environmental 

Hmm  - I wouldn't have thought those caps would have tolerated seeing 
large currents at ~250 KHz, as found in a typical tesla coil...  I would 
have thought these guys were optimized for 60Hz use only?

 I'll have to get me some of those... :)