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If i remember correctly Rob, the ballast transformers are only used as a
way to ignite the tubes when there are turned on. The ballast first raises
the amperage I believe and then lowers is condiderably (causing that
annoying flickering). Thats why it takes more power to turn them off and on
than to leave them running. I have no idea what the constant "running"
voltage is for a flourescent tube however i don't think they would serve
well in tesla use. I've often thought about these myself, (possibly as
current limiters, etc.) I would definately get a secind opinion as my
knowledge in ballast types is limited.

While on the subject of ballasts....

I run my shoplight off of a power strip. (the kind with the neon light
when time to shut down I simply unplug the power strip and leave the light
plug where it is. About a month ago I noticed that after I unpluged the
cord the neon light stayed on then dimmed out within about two-three
seconds. Later I tested the recently unpluged light and discovered the
light kept a charge of 65 volts!
Do ballasts normally do that? Was anyone else out there observed a similiar
capacitance  in there lights? 

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>Does anyone know if you can use several flourescent light
>transformers(input-120vac, output-700vac) as the power supply circuit on
>a tesla coil?