Building Transformer & flux density

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Sent:  Monday, June 15, 1998 7:00 PM
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Subject:  Re: Building Transformer & flux density


	The following expression gives the peak flux density in GAUSS
for a magnetic circuit:
	Bmax = 10^8 x Epeak / (4.44 x A x N x f)


	Bmax is in GAUSS (1 TESLA = 10,000 GAUSS)
	Epeak is the peak value (1.414 x RMS) of a sinusoidal wave
	A is the core area in square centimeters
	N is the number of turns
	f is the frequency in cps (Hz for you SI fans!)

	If the exciting waveform is a square wave, as in switching converters,
the 4.44 is replaced with 4.