Help, I am building a xfmr for my TC

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The maximum volts-per-turn of a transformer is;

Vpeak = 2 x Pi x F x (iron core area) x (max. Flux Density)

Vrms = Vpeak/SQRT(2)

You can be sure that your NST was designed to run at maximum
flux density before saturation to optimise cost,
the cross-sectional area of the core is fixed also.

Translation : No free lunch!

If you operate at the same a.c. frequency the primary must be
wound with at least as many turns as the manufacturer used,
unless you can operate at a higher a.c. mains frequency.

My NST rated at 230 Vrms starts to saturate at 240 Vrms,
this is an indication of how well the manufacturer optimised
the use of iron.

If you use 30 turns on the primary you will have made a very
good fuse tester...........Sulaiman.

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>Subject:  Help, I am building a xfmr for my TC
I am using an iron core from a NST and 24 gawg wire for the secondary. I 
should be able to fit at least 6000 turns onto the secondary.
If I wind fewer primary turns I get to wind fewer secondary turns for a 
desired voltage.
I need to know how many primary turns I can use and get away with it. I 
want to wind as few primary turns as possible so I don't have to wind to 
many secondary turns.
I am going to run it at least at 2kw.
I am thinking about 30 primary turns?
In the old NST there was 220 turns.
>Thanks for the help.

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