First Uk Teslathon

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> Hi everybody,
> I went ot the First UK Teslathon on Saturday. Fantastic! I hate to think
> what the Health and Safety Executive would make of it all. It was great
> to see so many coils operating. It was encouraging to see it, and to
> know there are so many people here in the UK.
> I would like to thank Alan for organising the event and everybody that
> turned up with equipment, ideas and advice. How that pole pig was lifted
> in and out of the Volvo I cannot imagine! It was also interesting to see
> the homebrew power transformer. Much thought had gone into the design
> and manufacture.
> I have been reading the list for a short while now and have built a coil
> with Mike Tucknott which is being modified all of the time. I think he
> has posted about it on the list.
> Wont waffle and waste space. Thanks again to Alan Sharp.
> Dr B.

Thanks again Alan for the effort you and your wife made in hosting this
event.   It was great to see other coils and the solutions others had 
come up with in the construction of their coils.  

I was particually impressed with the coil that we had running last, I am
afraid I have forgotten the name of the person who built it.   It was wound
on a 4" tapered former and produced 42" point to point streamers.   I would
like to know the spec of this coil.  From memory it was powered by a current
limited transformer 8KV -at- 300mA, employed a Richard Quick type spark gap
and had 700 turns on the secondary.   Primary Cap 0.016uf home made cap.

Greg Hunter had a great coil which was built from bits from the kitchen 
(accept the neon sign transformer) gave quite an impressive output and 
used salt water caps.  Stolen his sons football and covered it in foil
for a discharge terminal.

Mike Harrison gave an interesting demonstration on how to strip the silver
coating off CDs using a tesla coil - supprisingly quicky.   Demonstriated
argon gas glowing in a plastic tube at atmospheric pressure.

Alan Sharp demonstraited his solid state coil that is configured like
a magnifier.   Spark length not very long (6 inches) but very fat and
hot.  Almost a silent discharge with strange chirping sounds.  When I
ran my coil either the earth current or just the E field coupling 
caused Alans Solid State coil (6 feet away) to spark.

The smell of burning after running my coil was the variac.

Good fun!

Julian Green