chokes, bad resistors(EMS)

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Subject:  Re: chokes, bad resistors(EMS)

Well, I put the resistors in my protection circuit yesterday. Had two 
3000 ohm 25W resistors in parallel on both legs (1.5k 50W on each side). 
I ran the coil at low power for a few seconds. The resistors seemed very 
hot. I ran it again at 2/3 power and after about 3 seconds two of the 
resistors blew up. Yup, shattered to peices(EMS). Maybee these werent 
very good resistors (i.e. self inductance) or maybe I forgot to mention 
in my original post the power levels I was using. I had 3 12kV 60mA 
NST's, and 2 12kV 30mA NST's. Maybee this is too much power for 50 

Tristan Stewart

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>Subject:  Re: chokes-new question
>  Put the resistors in series with the choke coil
>in between the choke coil and the bypass to ground.
>Beings they 25 watt resistors, I'd use the 1.5 K
>Mark Graalman
>On Fri, 29 May 1998 23:24:15 -0500 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> 
>>From:  Mad Coiler [SMTP:tesla_coiler-at-hotmail-dot-com]
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>>Subject:  Re: chokes-new question
>>All of you using resistors with you lowpass circuit: where do you put 
>>the resistors? Say for example I have safety gap, capacitors accoss 
>>gap and inductors off each terminal of the gap going to the TC primary 
>>wires. Were do the resistors come in? I have been running my TC with 
>>bypass caps, and with the caps & chokes, but dont have any R yet.  I 
>>have four 3k ohm 25W resistors, is 3k or 1.5K usable for this?
>>Tristan Stewart
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