1/4 Wave Theories - What now?

From:  W Y Liu [SMTP:eenwyl-at-sun.leeds.ac.uk]
Sent:  Wednesday, June 03, 1998 11:27 PM
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Subject:  Re: 1/4 Wave Theories - What now?

Dear coilers,

I have just sent out some info to the list regarding the 1/4 lamda 
theory about one hour ago. But I have not seen my postings yet. I 
will resent it if it does not appear in the next two days, as long 
as it is still useful for us and you have no objection.

Basically I am trying to give the info on stationary wave, where 1/4
lamda can be tuned to attain resonant for a wave of wavelength 
shorter than the physical size of the transmission line, which can be
in any media. 

The electrical length is given by c/(2*pi*f), where c is the speed of 
light in free space and f is the frequency under consideration.  The media 
is characterized by its characteristic impedance together with its TE0x 

This application is very common in microwave network and long distance
power transmission; in both cases, the electrical length of the wave is
shorter than the physical size of the network.  However, it is not that
useful in low frequency light electronic application. 

I am not a coiler, but I read some tesla's articles, where he kept 
mentioning the stationary wave in hf electricity. bye-bye!