California visit

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>Hi Gary,
>>BTW: what do the "acceptance tests" consist of?  Must the equipment
>>test be capable of evenly cooking a mil-standard sized cow? 
>The tests will basically demonstrate to the prime contractor that the
>transmitter will do what it was speced to do.  It is a 2.5 Megawatt(can
>be driven to 5) amplifier.  139 Kvolt Klystron tube voltage.  It will be
>driven into a dummy load so nothing exciting will happen unless it

Damn! My old airborne bombing radar is only 100kw pulse. Can't even cook a
hot dog with it. How much do those big klystrons cost? And what kind of
current do they pull -at- 139kv?

>> Can just anyone show up for the tests?
>Sorry, but it will be government and prime contractor only.  But I
>should be able to give more details later.

Too bad, be fun to use that as a hot dog roaster!

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What is this large radar used for? SS or AS?

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