UK Teslathon

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>A quick note, just to say what an excellent time I had, as did all the
>people I spoke to. It was particularly impressive to see the build quality
>of some of the stuff. I've seen home made toroids that absolutely rival
>commercial ones from the likes of Ross Engineering, but at a fraction of the
>Alan Sharpe did a brilliant job of arranging everything, and I was delighted
>to meet so many people who had only been e-mail adresses before!
>I look forward to the next Teslathon over here
>Richard Craven, Malvern, England
>This was absolutely brilliant!  I am most gratified that what was started
here in Richmond at the TCBOR in 1989 has now become a fashionable event.
Could it be otherwise?!!  A bunch of coilers talkin' coils and sparks is
always an event.  To my knowledge, this the first Teslathon ever held
outside of the US!  Good goin' guys.  I hope you have many more...........it
sounds like you will.

Richard Hull, TCBOR