1/4 Wave Theories - Trash Them!

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Hi Sulaiman,

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> Terry,
> Firstly I'd like to thank you for all the 'scope photos,
> VERY educational.
> I'm a real beginner BUT if you truly beleive that 1/4 (or less)
> wavelength is not important try running your research system
> with a 6" sphere (or equivalent) as the secondary terminal with
> appropriate re-tuning of the primary (tap).
> I'd expect lots of discharges from half-way up the secondary!
> You can never prove anything, but things can be dis-proved.

True enough. Well, I have run resonators with a *huge range* of 
terminal sizes and appropriate tuning of the primary and none does 
anything other than what you would expect, namely dicharges from the 
top. An extreme situation arises if the ROC of the terminal becomes 
too large - the energy you have to pump in causes output voltage to 
become so high that the resonator flashes over before the top lets 
go. Nothing unexplained there. I've never seen discharges popping out 
of the windings halfway up under any of these tests.