Coil Winding Machine

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> Anybody have any ideas about how I could do this? I
> can get access to a lathe but I dont really know how to set it up to wind
> the coil - any advice? 
You need a metal lathe that can do screw-cutting.  First, you have to turn up a
wood bung to put in the end.  Make it a press fit with the ID of the
coilform, then centredrill it.  Setup the cool form so that one end is
held by the chuck with the bung in the other end supported by a live
center.  Then you need a jig that'll mount to the tool post and feed wire
out.  Once you have it made, DON'T TURN THE LATHE ON!  Engage the
leadscrew, and rotate the chuck by hand.  On many lathes their lowest
backgear is over 100RPM, that's too fast for what we want to do.  Keep
turning the chuck and you should be done rather quick...  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
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