First Uk Teslathon

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>Subject:  First Uk Teslathon
>My thanks to everyone who came to the Teslathon yesterday,
>and to those who were interested but unable to come.
>We had thirty people, and seven working coils - my thanks to
>Julian, Greg, Mike, Viv, Duncan, and Martin for bringing their coils.
>And to all the others who brought some kit along. We had everything
>from an 8" high coil shooting 4" sparks to a pole pig.
>Could to be able to put some faces now to email contacts.
>Have fun.
>Alan Sharp 

I am glad all went well.  30 people is quite a crowd for a first Teslathon!
I hope you and the others are inspired enough to hold another next year. (I
find it offensive to talk about next year while I am still decompressing
from the current year's event..........sorry about that)

Richard Hull, TCBOR