Texas Teslathon

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>The sparks have faded, the trash has been compacted, and the weary travelers 
>have returned to their homes.  Thus ends a successful Texas teslathon.  The 
>Wart Hog conventional coil performed very well, but we had problems getting 
>our Magnifier up to par - indeed, we only got about 50% performance out of
>A new rotary gap with more gaps is now being planned.
>It was nice getting to meet everyone, and it is super having some faces to put 
>to the names.  We got to see some old friends again and made new one.  A 
>goodly amount of electrical treasure exchanged hands; one of my favorite parts 
>of a good event.
>Next year, the Texas Teslathon will be hosted by another of our North Texas 
>group - I'm resting from this one.  It would be *much* easier to host a
'Thon with 
>a permant structure to base from!  That dream continues. . . .
>Thanks for taking the time and drive to come visit, I look forward to
seeing you 
>next year!
>Bert Pool
>Good goin' Bert!  I am glad it was a success!  That's one for Texas now!

Richard Hull, TCBOR