Drilling Stainless Steel

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This I do have some experience with.  I also agree that punching holes
with wood as a back up is easier than drilling.  The ragged edges can be
hammered back flat if they wont be in the way.

For the edge of mine, I trimmed off the turned edges. Then on one of the
bowls I hammered the the edge back towards the center just slightly so
that it would grab the other bowl.  Worked for me. 

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>"Hi All,
>        Like many people, I like to use two large 12 inch salad bowls as a
>top terminal.  For my new one, with built in current sensors, I had to drill
>5 holes through the bowls.  WOW! was it hard.  The stainless steel in those
>things must be very high in chromium content or something.  I trashed a
>number of nice drill bits.  The titanium nitride bits work for a moment then
>just slide on the surface.  If anybody has any better ways to drill nice
>holes through this stuff, I would love to know about it.
>        Terry Fritz"
>	Common experience!!!!!  Punching works better.  The stuff
>work hardens and I have had some drilling success using special
>stainless steel drilling lubricant (mail sample from long ago)
>and feeding the drill in very hard, but not very satisfying.
>I have also used a center punch to dig a hole through the things
>(backed up with wood, of course) then used sheet metal snips
>to enlarge the hole.  Whoever invented the miserable stuff was
>no friend of machinists!!!  I'll ask you a question.  How do
>you handle the rolled edges on the bowls???  In the old days when
>you could get aluminum bowls it was pretty easy to turn the rim
>with a fine saw to separate pieces of it, and then peeled them
>back with needle-nosed pliers.  Have never done a satisfactory
>job this way with stainless bowls.