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instead of sending files all over creation, try looking on the microsoft web
site for a word 97 converter that plugs into word 95 - I am pretty sure
there is one there - I found a converter for macintosh, so surely there is
one for PC.

And, I agree, RTF is a more universal format, but it is MUCH larger, so
download time is longer.  Word 97 (and 95) support "save as HTML" if you add
in another program you can DL from microsoft's site - this gives you a more
compact file and a more universal file, but it tends to reduce the
resolution of the embedded graphics.  And, it turns a file with graphics
into several files.

Adobe PDF is really nice, but you have to buy a product from Adobe to make
PDF files.
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>Might I suggest you "Save As" in RTF format (rich text).  This can be read
>by any Windows based, or MAC based wordprocessor, and would greatly assist
>propogation of your work !!!!
>( At the moment, my dad is getting irritated by the recurrent requests ....
>please download this <#####>  convert to Word95 & send back )
>Just a thought ;-))
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