Re: What Tesla Coil book? (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 23:52:04 EDT
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Subject: Re: What Tesla Coil book? (fwd)

   Before I had access to the internet, I had only two sources of information
about Tesla coils:  The  library and the little museum in Colorado Springs.  I
read all of the library books available and even have the Colorado Springs
Notes right now(I checked it out once before, but wanted it again).  It is
full of a lot of information that should be checked into, if for no other
reason, to see how the man did it himself.  I just copied about half the book
so I can refer to it later.
   The other books I got for learning about Tesla coils were written by D.C.
Cox (Modern Resonance Transformer Design Theory) and John Couture(Tesla Coil
Construction Guide).  Both of these books are well written and make for easy
understanding of the principles of TC operation.Both of these books are
reasonably priced and I have referred to them on numerous occasions when
designing a new coil.   Hey, this is beginning to sound like a commercial, but
I have been happy with all the coils I have built to date.  
Hope this helps.
Mike Hollingsworth