Re: Tesla's Radio Circuit (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 08:48:47 -0400
From: Dan Kline <ntesla-at-ntesla.csd.sc.edu>
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Subject: Re: Tesla's Radio Circuit (fwd)

>> Dan:
>>         I'd sure like to get a copy of that paper to read.  On the same
>> subject, where did Tesla claim to have invented the "Tesla coil"?  Guess
>> I could look through his patents, but haven't done so.  I have read his
>> descriptions of what he had done, and some of his lecture notes, but
>> don't remember any claim as to original invention.  Certainly resonant
>> coupling had been observed by others (Lodge, for example) before Tesla's
>> time.
>> Ed

Ed, All,

In searching the pre-1900 periodicals index in our library last night, I
couldn't find the article I had mentioned before. That's not to say that I
*won't* find it...I just have to dig a little deeper. I *did* find a great
article in Century Magazine from 1895 that shows one of Tesla's conical
coils in operation, Mark Twain playing with glowing bulbs, etc. I will
eventually scan the photos and type up the text for posting on the web. The
article is by Thomas Cummerford(sp?) Martin. If it turns out that the paper
I mentioned by Elihu Thomson was published (or the actual lecture was
given) *after* the date of TCM's article, then I'll happily sit back and
eat as much crow as I can hold. Meanwhile, I'll keep looking :)

Dan Kline
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