Re: How to rise the secondary? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:08:36 -0700
From: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmq-at-compuland-dot-com.br>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: Re: How to rise the secondary? (fwd)

John Couture wrote:

>   Antonio -
>   Do you believe that a raised secondary TC can produce longer sparks
> compared to a properly designed TC where the secondary does not have to be
> raised?
>   Please - yes or no.

No, if the initial design includes careful consideration of one of those
"magical" coupling coefficients, and the clearance is sufficient to avoid
primary-secondary sparks.

The problem is that it is difficult to design a coil with precisely a given
coupling coefficient, and the optimum coupling coefficients may vary slightly due
to unpredictable losses associated with the primary gap and streamers in
the secondary side. Some adjustment in a "properly designed TC", by rising (or
lowering) the secondary a little, or doing the same with the primary, may result
in improved output. Not much, but some.

Did someone try to incline a primary flat coil to adjust the coupling coefficient?
(looks dangerous...) Or some other method?

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz