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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:59:19 -0500
From: "Barton B. Anderson" <mopar-at-uswest-dot-net>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: Books

Hello List,

Listen, this is slightly off the subject of TC's, and
I'll keep it short. I've been working on a bookstore. I
tried inquiring books from the International Tesla
Society several times with never a response. I finally
found the books I was looking for at amazon-dot-com.
Recently, amazon and my internet page provider hooked up
and offered books to be sold from homepage sites. It
took me about 5 seconds to figure out I could offer a
Nikola Tesla and Tesla Coil books store. This thought
matured into a place for Engineers of all fields. To
make a long store short, I now have a place to find
books on Tesla and Tesla Coils as well as books on all
types of engineering interest (antenna's, simulation,
electromagnetics, etc...). Books are listed by catogory.
I've just thrown the pages up and have not yet released
to the public, but thought the list deserves to know and
thought you might be able to provide some feedback.
Anyway, the url is long, but just do the copy and paste


Hope you find it useful. Please note that catagory's
"Analog, Energy, and High Voltage" are still being
worked on and little or nothing may be listed. Most of
the others have some very good books. Definately check
out "Antenna's, Handbook, Systems/Machines, For the
Engineer, and Tesla/Tesla Coils".

Please respond with any comments "off the list". Hoping
to build this site into something useful. Also, I have
few reviews on Tesla/Tesla Coils. If you guys have read
a particular book listed and wouldn't mind letting me
know your thoughts, it would really help.