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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:40:44 +0300
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At 20:52 26/07/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have built a couple of gaps just recently.  First stoped working
>properly, so built one along the lines of Terry's.  (30 gaps of 0.25 mm =
>10 mil).  Worked really well initially.  Did get quite hot, so placed my
>trusty fan nearby.  All OK.
>But then ........ set fire to wood base, as had placed rows of tubing too
>close together, and while the distance was > 2x the summed gaps for the
>desired path, still got flames :-(
>I suspect this relates to the field concentration at the ends of the tubes
>..... so in the interests of others not making the same errors as me.  If
>you make a TFG  ( I figure since we have RQG's, we may as well imortalize
>Terry as well !) , make sure the spacing between rows of tubing is
>sufficient !!!!!
>Next.  My gaps are 2..5 x greater than Terry's and the performance of my gap
>steadily declined with use.  On inspection, there was BRIDGING
>carbon/copper oxide in many of the gaps.  While this did not form a short
>circuit, it no doubt does decrement the quenching ability of the gap.
>Anyone with similar experience ??   (especially Terry ??)

Also I tried (after reading Teryy's mail) gaps of 0.25 mm inside a RQ gap.
The copper got extremely hot and also I got bridging.

The reason is that my tank can supply easily 0.25 A and that is a little too
much compared with the usual 60 mA.

After going to much safer 0.5 mm gaps (works, no bridging) I am now building
a rotating spark gap.


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